The Group   

The Real-Time Systems Group was started in 1987. The list of publications, with dates and authors, represents a chronological synthesis of the evolution of the group. The Digital Systems Laboratory, home of the Group, is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computers (DIEC) and of the Institute for Research on Electrical Engineering (IIIE).

Group Members

Jorge Santos
Javier Orozco
Omar Alimenti
Edgardo Ferro
Ricardo Cayssials
Rodrigo Santos
José Urriza

Contact Information:

Professor Jorge Santos:

Postal address: Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Computadoras,
Universidad Nacional del Sur,
Av Alem 1253,
8000 Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Tel: 00 54 0291 459 5181
Fax: 00 54 0291 459 5154

Rodrigo Santos Javier Orozco Ricardo Cayssials Edgardo Ferro Omar Alimenti Jorge Santos