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The Real-Time Systems Group was started in 1987. It has worked in schedulability of local and wide area networks, task scheduling in mono processor and multicore processors with energy constraints and has explored mechanisms for fault-tolerance in real-time systems. The group has developed a real-time operating systems (SOOS) for embedded systems and has worked in the modeling and requirement analysis of cyber-physical systems. In the last years, opportunistic and mobile ad-hoc networks have led the research towards collaborative systems and the IoT. The group works with different researchers from Italy, Spain, Chile, Brazil and USA. Together with the real-time and communication systems research, the use of hardware description languages for the implementation of reconfigurable digital architectures is an important area of work. Since 2012, the group is working with the Analytic Chemestry group from INQUISUR in instrumentation and analysis for different applications generating a transfer of technology in an interdisciplinary project. Recently a new line of research was opened with researchers from CERZOS. The list of publications, with dates and authors, represents a chronological synthesis of the evolution of the group. The Digital Systems Laboratory, home of the Group, is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computers (DIEC) and of the Institute for Research on Electrical Engineering (IIIE).

Group Members
Javier Orozco
Rodrigo Santos
Ricardo Cayssials
Edgardo Ferro
Diana Sanchez
Gabriel Eggly
Matias Micheletto
Damian Banfi
Related Members
José Urriza
Leo Ordinez
Francisco Paez
Past Members
Jorge Santos
David Donari
Omar Alimenti

Contact Information:

Professor Javier Orozco:

Postal address: Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Computadoras,
Universidad Nacional del Sur,
Av Alem 1253,
8000 Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Tel: 00 54 0291 459 5181
Fax: 00 54 0291 459 5154

Rodrigo Santos Javier Orozco Ricardo Cayssials Edgardo Ferro Omar Alimenti Jorge Santos